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The law offices of Susan Howard & Associates has emphasized Estate Planning for over a decade, and can provide a cost effective plan tailored to your needs. No matter the size of your assets ("You don't have to be a millionaire") having an Estate Plan is important. A Will is no substitute for an Estate Plan, as it guarantees probate court which can generate executor and attorney fees as well as cause a time delay before your loved ones receive their inheritance.

A proper Estate Plan allows you to plan for yourself, and your loved ones without giving up control of your affairs, and will allow you to determine the disposition of your assets in the case of death or disability. It will also save every tax dollar, professional fee and court cost that is legally possible to save. Susan Howard and Associates can confidentially assist you in preparing an Estate Plan that will:

bulletProvide instructions for the care of you or your loved ones in the event of a disability.
bulletBe effective if you move or own property in another state.
bulletAvoid Probate and it's associated time and costs.
bulletControl all of your property.
bulletCreate protective Trusts for your children and grandchildren.
bulletProvide Federal Estate Tax Planning.
bulletAvoid the pitfalls of an under funded Living Trust, which will pass through probate.
bulletAvoid un-intended taxation or distribution of Joint Tenancy Property.
bulletProvide you and your loved ones with peace of mind and security.

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